Moderator Guide


  1. What changes are there to your packages?
  2. Briefly, describe the property.
  3. Identify the BENEFITS in the property you are offering.
  4. To what extent does deferred mantainance exist?
  5. What type of management is existing and/or available?
  6. Explain the financing in details.
  7. Describe the surrounding area.
  8. What potential and/or oppurtunity may exist in the property that can be achieved by a taker?
  9. What is most positive aspect concerning the property?
  10. What is least positive aspect concerning the property?
  11. What is the highest and best use?
  12. What are the approximate terms of a sale, if necessitiated, within 60-90 days?


  1. Release to the audience pertinent facts about the clients?
  2. What property ownership experience has your client had?
  3. To what extent is your client geographically limited? Why?
  4. To what extent would your client relocate either temporarily or permanently?
  5. What problem solving-skills, talents or expertise does your client have?
  6. What significant contact does your client have?
  7. What in the way of other properties, real or personal, can your client add?
  8. To what extent is your client CAPABLE of adding cash?
  9. What capabilities does your client have to sustain a reverse cash flow position?
  10. What will your client do to help manufacture a transaction?


  1. Why does your client NOT WANT this property?
  2. What does your client NEED?
  3. What is your client’s objective?


  1. What solutions have you and/or your client formulated that would move your client toward the objective?
  2. WHo has an idea, contact, suggestion, observation, or recommendation that would help the presentor?
  3. What would you have the client do so you could write and offer?